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We can be reached via  hatedustproject@gmail.com / rob@thehateproject.com
 To purchase a NON-custom Hog of Hope or beads,  gear etc- Please visit : SHAPEWAYS STORE
To purchase HATS & SHIRTS - Please visit: Our Shopify STORE

Custom pieces are sold and released via our Facebook Page

Recent Sponsorships include: Ronald McDonald House Clays For Kids 2017/18  & Dollars for Dinners.  Make A Wish Stars 2017/2018, Kops/Fire for Kids Merced, Lex-KY & ATW, Wish Programs for Atwater & Livingston High.  Day of Giving November 2017 (25 Organizations) and Merced SWAG and more

 Make A Wish 2016  Star Sponsor

Toy For Tots 2016 Sponsor

  Make A Wish 2015 Star Sponsor
Make A Wish 2014 Star Sponsor  

 Toys for Tots 2014
 Toys for Tots 2015

Tom Ferry engraver

SpinnerPig : David Brown
Ti Ano Laser: Brian Fellhoelter

Andy Frankart Brass
  G. Alcorn Engraver Copper

Blanca DeLaHoz  engraver
 engraved by Panja Pojiew
Steel Flame
Superconducter Niobium

Jr Roller Derby Sponsor
HateDust 7