Supported Groups / Events



Project Name / SaleAmount DonatedDateBenefactee
total thus far:$1,798,01512/28/2020<-- Total from HATE Poject
R.&S. Rogers Food Bank Drive$2,55012/27/28
$5 donate charitable cause HP FB Group$2,25012/26/20
Vacaville Foster Youth Skateboard Drive$60012/23/20
Brixton Pasley Scholarship Foundation$1,00012/15/20Tax ID #: 85-4217626
Makau Xmas for Kids GCR$10012/15/20
CHP Christmas Drive$1,00012/12/20CHP - Merced FB Post
Pediatric Brain Cancer Drive via FB$10012/9/20
HSA - Merced toy drive$1,50012/920United Way of Merced County
Operation Christmas Star Toy Drive$2,00012/5/20
Make A Wish : Grannt 2 Wishes 4 Christmas$20,00012/4/2020Make-A-Wish® Northeastern & Central California and ...
AspriaNet Merced - Foster youth Christmas$1,00012/3/2020
United Way Merced$50012/1/2020United Way of Merced County
Foundation for Women Warriors - Veteran$3,00012/1/2020
Courage Conquering Cancer give Tuesday$1,00012/1/2020Breast Cancer Recovery Tees : Mastectomy Recovery Shirts ...
Starfish Foundation give Tuesday$1,00012/1/2020The Starfish Prosthetics Foundation – Bringing Advanced ...
Purple Heart Anglers give Tuesday$1,00012/1/2020Purple Heart Anglers
Childrens Desk Program - Hawaii$60011/24/2020
Family Save Mart Gift Cards - T-Day Meals$40011/17/2020Ballico Cressey School District
Senior Brown Bag Progam$20,00011/15/2020Merced County Food Bank : Home
CHP SANTA DAY$3,00010/27/2020CHP - Merced FB Post
F Cancer - Snailtrail Screenprinting Drive$1,50010/15/2020
Science Camp Fundraiser 6th Gr$010/15/
St Judes FB Fundraiser - RRM$2,14010/10/2020st judes
First Responder Bags - Creek Fire5009/10/2020
Project Healing Waters20609/10/2020$5388/20/2020Great Cycle Challenge - David
KY Colonel Good Works Program$5008/17/2020
RMHCCV Meals from the Heart prgrm$10,0008/12/2020Home - Ronald McDonald House - Valley Children's Hospital
St Judes FB Fundraiser - CR$2008/8/2020
Lady Gauchos Volleybal HS$8008/2/2020
Live Again Fresno$2,0008/1/0200
Penn State Health$1,0008/1/2020
Kids In Distress$1,5008/1/2020
Autism Society Greater Phoenix$2,0008/1/2020
New Beginings Merced County Animals$5008/1/2020
Saving Sage Rescue$5008/1/2020
Operation Brown Bag$2,0008/1/2020
Operatrion - Art of Valor$2,5008/1/2020
Blue Skies$2,0008/1/2020
Rocky Mountain Scouts$1,0008/1/2020
Dragon Master Foundation$1,0008/1/2020
LeGrand High School Football$1,0008/1/2020
RESCU Foundation$1,5008/1/2020
LIttle Orphans Kitten Rescue$1,5008/1/2020
Canine Castaways$1,5008/1/2020
Combat Wounded$5,0008/1/
Zilis' Sacred Mountain Retreat$2,0008/1/2020
Purple Heart Anglers$5,0008/1/2020
Special Ops Wounded Warrior$1,0008/1/
Friendship Home$1,0008/1/2020
Fire Hero$1,0008/1/
House of Heroes$1,0008/1/
Castle Air Museum$6608/1/2020Castle Air Museum
Atwater FFA$2,0007/20/2020
Hendrickson FFA$2,5007/20/2020
Fresno Skate Salvage Boards 4 kids$5,0007/19/2020Fresno Skateboard Salvage
Merced River Ag Boosters$1,2007/19/2020Merced River Ag Boosters Association - GuideStar Profile
United Way Online Fundraiser$5007/13/2020
Ballico PTC Parent Club 4 Kids$5,0006/27/2020
Sergeant Damon Gutzwiller - Santa Cruz$3506/18/2020
Merced Fair 4H Bump Bids$5506/13/2020
Playground Wish Sponsorship w Hi-Tex$10,0006/2/2020
Love Inc - Beds for those in need$1,0005/27/2020
Giving Tuesday Meals from the Heart$5,0005/5/2015
Make A Wish Online Gala Donation$6,0004/30/2020
Purple Heart Anglers$1,5004/26/2020purple Heart Anglers
Fresno Skateboard Salvage$3004/16/2020
Merced Foundation for Valley Childrens H$25,0004/16/2020
Ronald McDonald House Room Sponsor$5,0004/7/2020
Almeda Food Bank$2503/31/2020
Milpitas Girls Softball$1003/26/2020
J Hypes Food Drive - County Food Bank$2,3003/26/2020
Chico State Day of Giving$5003/4/2020
Boys and Girls Club Vacaville$2503/4/2020
Atwater FFA$703/4/2020
PTK FB Blue Skies Veteran Campaign$3503/4/2020
United Way Merced$1,5003/3/2020
Ballico PTC Dinner / 4H$7502/27/2020
Fresno Make A Wish Gala$5,0002/24/2020
Ronald mcD House FB fundraiser$1502/21/2020
Tops Kid Assisted Develop Soccer$5002/11/2020
Atwater Band Dinner Fundraiswer$7102/8/2020
HateDust Project Pig Sale 4 LLS$7,5001/28/
Direct Donate Member Drive to LLS$3,2501/27/
Band Sponsor Atwater HS$5501/18/2020
953 Elite VolleyBall fundraiser$5001/18/2020
Merced Ag Boosters$4,2251/12/2020
Mariposa Kops for Kids Christmas$1,00012/14/2019
Aspira Net Christmas Gift Drive Merced$2,00012/14/2019
CHP 2019 “Santa Day Toy Drive”$2,00012/14/2019
Operation Christmas Star Toy Drive$2,00012/14/2019
Toys Stolen @ Big Brothers via Jaxx C$15012/12/2019
KYCKS - Versailles Kop Toyz = Hate ($12.7k)$13,97212/8/2019
Purple Heart Anglers - Fishing Veteran$5,00012/3/2019Purple Heart Anglers
Starfish Prosthetics -Veteran$1,00012/3/2019The Starfish Prosthetics Foundation – Bringing Advanced ...
Veterans Expeditions$1,00012/3/2019
Livington High Willys Wishes Christmas$2,50012/2/2019
Relay for Life Cancer kids Lunch$25012/2/2019
Socorro Food Bank & Marine TFT NM$5,30012/2/2019
Merced HSA Stuff the Bus Xmas$1,50011/30/2019
Atwater Wishes H/S Xmas$2,00011/25/2019
Scholarship Miss Merced County$1,00011/15/2019Miss Merced County
Foundation for Women Warriors - Veteran$5,00011/15/2019
Merced Food Bank Senior Harvest$52,10011/9/2019Merced County Food Bank : Home
Burnley Xmas Toy Drive w Mattel$25010/28/2019
Veteran Benefit via BAMSTL$1,00010/25/2019
Veteran Fishing Program$1,50010/24/2019Purple Heart Anglers
Cressey School Garden Supplies$500Order Number: 112-0167015-8126605
Help Save A Student Sam- Medical$25010/21/2019
El Capitan Basketball : Taco Dinner Fdrsr$1,7509/22/2019,ca)/girls-basketball/home.htm
Koniak for St. Judes$509/20/2019
Aileen Coburn School Jog A Thon$2509/18/2019
Riley Gray Read A Thon Lone Pine$2509/17/2019
Livingston High Girls V-Ball$3009/15/2019
Merced River Ag Boosters$1,2009/14/2019
Ruple Memorial 4 Trinity Oaks$5,0009/7/2019
ATW Lady Falcons Basketball$4509/7/2019
Luau @ the Lake - Kids Arts$2,2209/7/2019
Atwater High FFA BBQ$5009/5/2019
TF$6,6008/15/2019Sammy Orr GFM
Rotary Club Scholarships @ Lake$3508/23/2019
Mercy Hospital Foundation$5,0008/15/2019
Food Bank BackPack Prgrm$1,0007/13/2019
Purple Heart Anglers$5006/26/2019
Make of Wish Gala of Wishes$8,1006/22/2019
Sherriffs C-mas in June w Deer Foundation$4,0756/15/2019Christmas-in-june-fundraising-dinner/
Youth Football c/o Loretta Aguilar$3506/15/2019Merced-Panthers-Youth-Football-
Children's VBS summer camp$3506/15/2019
Ballico Livingston FFA$1,7006/9/2019
Ballico Taiko Portland Conference$8,3006/1/2019
Merced Food Bank AFK Donate Drive$3,0605/22/2019
Make A Wish Merced$75,0004/27/2019
Merced Boys and Girls$10,0004/26/2019
Clays 4 Kids RMH- Room Sponsor$10,5004/26/2019
Los Banos Tiger Trap Team Sherriff$1,0004/11/2019
LB FootBall - CHP Sober Grad BCSD$7504/11/2019
Cerebral Palsy Foundation$2004/7/2019
SWAG Students w Aspiring Goals$8,1653/30/2019
Mariposa SAR$1,5003/30/2019
Love Inc Mer. Communty Outreach$3,3003/22/2019
TOPS Special Needs Soccer$1,0003/19/2019
Atw L-BBall & Fairfield B&G- GS-Cookies$7503/5/2019
Merced Rotary Club Crab$4252/24/2019
Ronald McDonald House Ball$10,2002/16/2019
Ballico 4H Trip Tip Dinner$2502/13/2019
Camp Green Meadows Fund$7,5002/9/19
Atwater High Band Fundraiser$1,9002/82019
BB Heart Jen Nicole$502/8/2019
Ballico PTC Dinner$3002/6/2019
Laguna kids cultural via P@ Pruitt$5001/18/2019Pueblo of Laguna Community Foundation
RMHCCV Red Heart Ball$7,5001/14/2019
Kids Art Program RyuKyu$2,2001/14/2019
Merced FFA$1,5001/13/2019
Youth football$4501/6/2019
Women Veterans Xmas Drive$6,17312/31/2018!/donation/checkout
Atwater PAL Toy Program$19,80012/16/2018
Mariposa SAR Xmas Toy Drive$5,00012/14/2018
Tenn. Bloodhound Rescue$30012/11/2010
Vietnam Food Drive w Minh Do$40012/10/2018
CHP Toy Drive$2,50012/9/2018
Sherrif Shop w a Cop$4,00012/9/2018
LIV High School Xmas Wishes$5,00012/5/2018Wills Wishes
Magdalena Library, Socorro foosbank$1,08012/5/2018Richard RogersFoodbank
ATW High School Xmas Wishes$5,00012/4/2018Atwater Miracles Do Happen
KYCKS - Hate ($5k)$17,30012/1/2018Shop With A Cop
Starfish Give Tues FB Drive T.McCreery$2,00011/28/2018
Laguna kids cultural exchange$2,00011/21/2018
El Capitan Basketball$1,56011/16/2018,ca)/basketball/home.htm
Jr Youth Football$50011/17/2018
Miss Merced County Scholarships$1,00011/11/2018
Atw-McSwain Girls Soccer$10011/4/2018
Cressey School Parents - sidewalk paint$40011/2/2018
NJ ROTC$50010/30/2018
Livingston HS Softball$75010/30/2018
Friends of NRA-SFSA$2,0001013/2018
Veterans Fishing Org$10,0009/29/2018Purple Heart Anglers
School Tree Restoration Fund$7,5009/18/2018
Aspira Net Christmas Fund$5,0009/18/2018
Boys and Girls Club Merced$4009/18/2018
St Judes for Sean WAT$4509/13/2018st judes
Imua Family Services - Pelzner$2,3149/12/2018
Imua Family Services - Pelzner$1,2008/26/2018
Dollars for Dinners RMHC$4,1538/19/2018RMHC Fresno
CO Flood Victims$2,0007/30/2018Braden Family Help
Cancer Research$4,4007/26/
Kids Roller Derby Mayhem$2507/14/2018
Purple Heart Anglers FB$2517/4/2018Purple heart anglers
C Blevins Kids Camp$5007/1/2018
Veteran Death Fundraiser$5006/9/2018
4H @ Merced Co. Fair$2,2006/9/2018
Courage to Conquer$5,6006/7/2018Courage to Conquer Cancer
Ethan Strong$5006/7/2018
Boulder Crest Retreat Foundation$1,0105/15/2018
EPU Childrens Hospital - Painting$2,0005/7/2018
Sharpes Officer Scholarship Fund$1,5004/29/2018
Merced Make A Wish$35,2504/28/2019
Merced Boys and Girls Club$7,0004/27/2018Merced Boys and Girls Club
Ronald McDonald House$10,1004/21/2018
Purple Heart Anglers$2,5004/15/2018
Mariposa Search and Rescue$8003/31/2018
SWAG Student Awards Night$3,0003/24/2018
Purple Heart Anglers$3003/30/2018
Los Banos Youth Football$2003/29/2018,ca)/home.htm
Ballico PTC Annual Field Trip Fund$7,2503/17/2018
Freedom Dogs FB Dundraiser$2503/15/2018
Ballico PTC - Stu Washington DC Trip$2,5003/12/2018
OLM Crab Feed$2003/9/2018
Scout-Explorers Fundraiser - Warnke$3,8003/9/2018
Childrens Hospital OC @ Asylum$2,5003/4/2018
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation: Skye Walker$2502/28/2018
Wakefield A-Shelter Dust Drop$3,0002/26/2018
Warrensburg Fire Department, BULLEX$3,3142/22/2018
BDSRA Caitlyn & Tyler Frazier$2502/18/2018
RMHC Red Heart Ball$5,0002/17/2018
Special Olympics$6502/20/2018
BCHS Band Fundraiser$7002/3/2018BCHS Crab Feed
Special Olympics Polar Minn.$1001/29/2018
COunty Food Bank - Corn-Boards$1,2001/27/2018
Merced FFA Dinner Check$2,0001/15/2018
SWAG Follow UP _ van$7,50012/23/2017
USMC TFT Drive$5,00012/17/2017USMC TFT Los Banos
Atwater Kops-Fire 4 Kids - toys$18,00012/17ATW P.A.L.
Richard Rogers Holiday Drive$3,00012/10.2017
Sherrifs Toy Drive Merced$15,00012/9/2017
Inner Circle Foster - Amazon$1,00012/6/2017
Firefighter Toy Drive: Lexington KY$10,30012/2/2017
Christmas for Cancer$5,00011/30/2017Courage to Conquer Cancer
Giving Tuesday Purple Heart Anglers$60011/26/2017
Merced CtyFood Bank Bkpk Prgm$4,30011/22/2017
Miracles Do Happen AHS-ASB$5,00011/20/2017
Willies Wishes LHS-ASB$5,00011/20/2017
Brown Bag Senior Lunch$1,00011/9/2017
Students With Aspiring Goals$7,50011/8/2017
El Capitan H/S Basketball$1,40011/7/2017
Ballico School Washington Fundraiser$10011/7/2017
Camp Sunshine Dreams$1,75011/7/2017
Valley Childrens Hospital$50010/29/2017
FFR Good Works Arranged$5,30010/29/2017Veteran Cancer Help via Hostile
Farmer Rob's Day of Giving$10,00010/22/2017Operation: Get People Robot Arms
Farmer Rob's Day of Giving (1k ea)$25,00010/22/201725 Charities 1k ea
Las Vegas Injured Officers Fund$1,00010/10/2017
Peyton's Brain Support -$1,00010/1/2017Atlanta Ronald McDonald House
New Mexico Child Advocacy Networks$75010/1/2017
Peyton's Brain Support -$1,00010/1/2017
Relay For Life- Atwater$1,5009/30/2017American Cancer Society
BAMSTL Donation to benefit:$1,0009/15/2017Arive- Veteran Foundation
Hurricane Harvey Deploy$2,0659/11/2017
Camp Green Meadows Science$15,0009/10/2017
Ballico 4h Dinner$2,1009/9/2017
Childrens Meal Program Tn$1,0008/18/2017
LS4 CHildrens Hospital OC$2508/1/2017
LS4 JDRF$1,0007/26/2017
LS4 Marleys Mission$4,8007/24/2017
LS4 Mil Women in Need$15,0007/24/2017foundation for women warriors
LS4 MAW- Merced$20,0007/18/2017
LS4- Ambush Donation$15,0007/18/2017
LS4 - Ronald House$20,0007/17/2017
Mesa Az Guide Dog fundraiser$5006/26/2017
GCA-DeMuth Family$2,2005/21/2017Adult Make-Wish
GCA Todd Cuso$1,0005/23/2017Afrankart Anonymous
CBJ- Fullerton$3,2005/13/2017
REACH Academy - At Risk Youth$2,0005/12/2017
Patch & Pin Sale$3,0005/1/
March April Sale - MAW - BBQ donation$27,7004/29/2007
Boys & Girls Club$6004/21/2017
Austism Awareness Drive$2,2354/18/2017Jadens Voice
Sporting Clays Classic$6,0004/7/2017Ronald House
Donation$5003/18/2017Ballico PTC
Peyton's Brain Support - STH8KRub & Glow$1,7753/13/2017Paying it Forward
Ti Pig $ Donation to -->$1,0753/2/2017Fischer House Cal Vet
Officer Down - Slingers$2502/20/2017
Shapeways Nov-Jan Sale RMHCCV$7,2142/15/2017Ronald McDonald House Central Valley
Moby - Brain Cancer GCR$9601/28/2017Sadie Hoffman
Tools for Tots - (toy donations)$36,00012/1/2016Merced PD- S/O - ATW Kops 4 Kids
Jon Graham Benefit - Pig Patch Drop$1,10011/30/2016Veteran Down JG
TeeSpring Shirts- Patch Buy$85011/9/2016Courage to Conquer
Shaapways Sept-Oct Sale - F Cancer$9,13510/16/2016Ronald McDonald House – Children's Central Valley
School Donation- Sale$30010/15/2016Grace Mennonite School - Elementary School
2 Drunk Celts Sale$90010/7/2016
BAMSTL - Hog Donate-GCR$1,2709/20/2016
BAMSTL - 2 benefit Arbor Health Veterans10009/14/2016
Medical Expense Fund via Cichester5509/14/2016
Mrs Cole & Perry - Donors Choose2708/7/20162 Classroom
:Auctions for Anthony General Team29008/1/2016Walk For Wishes
LS3 Overrage32407/4/
LS3 Day 6102007/4/2016Ballico Taiko
LS3 Day 5102007/4/2016Green Meadows Sci Camp
LS3 Day 489007/4/2016SWAGG
LS3 Day 310,2007/4/2016Ronald McDonald House
LS3 Day 289607/4/2016Make A Wish CenCal
LS3 Day 195007/4/2016mil women in need org
Livestock Sale 310,2007/4/
LS3 - Swag Bag 711407/2/
LS3 - Swag Bag 610307/1/2016
LS3 - Swag Bag 513006/30/2016
LS3 - Swag Bag 411506/29/
LS3 - Swag Bag 312406/28/2016Make A Wish CenCal
LS3 - Swag Bag 27006/27/2016mil women in need org
LS3 - Swag Bag 1$1,9006/26/
USN Forum Payment2506/25/2016
Shapeways Science Sale$4,0006/20/2016Ballico School- Mr B
Great Cycle Challenge Randy$2506/15/2016Pediatric Cancer
Merced Fair$7006/10/2016Ballico Cressey FFA
BLADE: Admin Auction$6,0006/5/2016Courage tonquer/ Parsley Foundation
HateDust Drop - Hong$4005/21/2016Ethan Parsley Blanket Program
HateDust Drop Asia (JM)$1,5005/21/2016Cory Mack Cancer
HateDust Drop Leety$1,0005/18/2016
Jacobs Heart Donation$2005/15/2016
Castle AFB Age Team$5004/25/2016
Massdrop Zippo$8,5505/16/2016Make A Wish CenCal
Shapeways Feb/Spring Fling$12,7004/23/2016Make A Wish CenCal
Boys and Girls Club Merced$5004/22/2016
Shapeways Sale 2 4 AK9$16,2294/15/
Target Pig Sale$2004/5/2016
Target Pig Sale$1,8003/29/2016
USO 4 the Troops$2,3003/22/2016BAMSTL 4 USO
Ballico PTC$5003/19/2016
Fire Pig Sale$75012/21/
Help Tim and Jennifer Donegan$1,20112/11 - 12/13Help Tim and Jennifer Donegan
ptk - NEWMAN gcr$4,16512/4 - 12/6
TOOLS FOR TOTS AND MASSDROP$15,00012/5/2015Kops for Kids
D Whitman Game Marathon for SCH$30011/8/2015Seattle Children Hospital
MSG Wilson II/ Amy Norwood (5) auctions$7,95611/2 - 11/3Officer PTSD
Heart Attack Victim$2,15010/7 - 10/9C.Craft's Dad
Bringhurst Family assist$1,24210/5 - 10/7
Tammy Roberts$10,94510/2 - 10/4Courage to Conquer Cancer
$2,2409/25 - 9/27
Brad Whitley$1,0609/21 - 9/23Brad Whitley
Courage to Conquer Cancer & Unravel Pediatric Cancer$1,6009/20/2016Courage to Conquer Cancer
Brantly - Leukemia Treatments$1,9309/20/15Brantly
David Cancer fund$2,6709/20/2015David 6 yr old Luekemia
G715,5009/5/2015MAW, AK9, Camp Sunshine
Jusa Medical Fund$4,4208/30/2015Jusa Medical Fund
Happy Caps & Pinata$1,6868/26/2015Happy Caps & Pinata
Crusader Pig sale$5,0358/22/2015Merced County Ed.Foundation
Officer Sean Bolton$1,7808/19/2015Sean Bolton
1st Special Forces Group$5,5008/16/2015SF Daughter - Avery
Steve Shinde$3,0608/9/2015Steve Shinde
Alzheimer's Tennessee$2,0558/2/2015Alzheimer's Tennessee
OOMF Drop$1,1907/26/2015Paying it Forward to Peyton
Help David with moving expense$2,5407/26/2015David Witts
OOMF Drop$3507/23/
OOMF Drop$8007/22/2015Contra Costa / Solano food bank
Cypop Raffle$7,5007/19/2015Courage to Conquer Cancer
Live Stock Sale$3,5507/19/2015Paying it Forward to Peyton
Live Stock Sale$12,4007/19/
Live Stock Sale$18,0007/19/2015Zippo- Massdrop 4 Ak9
Live Stock Sale$3007/19/2015Life Works Austin TX
Live Stock Sale$11,6517/18/2015St Joeseph Mission School
Live Stock Sale$12,1007/17/2015Peak Foundations
Live Stock Sale$4,1007/17/2015Anthem LemonAid
Live Stock Sale$8,4017/16/
Live Stock Sale$19,0907/15/2015Surrounded By Heroes
Live Stock Sale$19,6687/13/2015Make A Wish Central Calif.
Daron Flowers on EDC Raffle and GAW$9207/4/
Kickstarter to help paralyzed veterans.$4546/24/2015Harmony Kickstarter
Adrian Balwin$9,8636/21/2015
Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics Auction$6006/17/2015LEO Torch Run Special Olympics
Good Cause Vets$5006/14/2015Operation Lone Star
Good Cause Vets$5006/14/2015Warrior Weekend
Hello My Name is Hate$2,6756/12/
Thin Red Line$5756/7/2015San Jose Firefighters Burn Foundation
Kick Cancer Ass!$4,4506/7/2015Noble Circle &
HATE Project @ Blade$8,3006/7/
Ethan Parsley$3,9236/6/2015#ethanstrong
Little Odin$1,8005/27/2015Little Odin
Spain Child help$2,2005/24/2015
Jason Alamo$4,1545/20/2015Ryan Collum PayPal
HATE Family Mortuary Fund$6,8805/20/2015Cesar Gamino PayPal
GCA for alphaK9$2,3515/19/
FFR/Reader Pig Sale$3005/11/2015Ethan Strong
FFR/Reader Pig Sale TX Jr Achieve$2,0005/11/2015& Brown University Oncology Research
American Heart Association$1955/10/2015American Heart Association
Autism Council of Utah$1705/7/2015Autism Council of Utah
Patch Drop$6205/6/2015Officer Needs Help
Ram Maramba Fundraiser68255/10/2015Ram's Obituary
Lone Survivor$4,0005/3/2015
Floors for Jennifer$2,0105/1/2015Teacher w Cancer help
Zippo Lighter for AlphaK9$4504/28/
TI Cutlet Cut Out -Ben Pullliam$1,0104/26/2015Ben Pulliam Fund
Sophie Silver Pig Sale - FFR$7,5004/26/2015The Cure Starts Now - DIPG
TI Cutlet Cut Out - Ben Pulliam$1,2504/26/2015Ben Pulliam Fund
Sophie GCR &GCA$12,1014/26/2015The Cure Starts Now - DIPG
Ben Pulliam$4,6704/24/2015Ben Pulliam Fund
Pennies$3154/23/2015Autism Council of Utah
Maggie Williams$6,5904/23/2015Williams Family Benefit
Hogs of Hope / Frankart Knuck Sale$8,5004/20/2015Central Valley Make A Wish
Sara (Acute Lynphomia Leukemia)$5704/18/2015Sara-Cliff James Hate United
Sophie Peaster: Kassinger Valet Tray$5504/16/2015The Cure Starts Now - DIPG
IRS and the 501c3$15,5009/1/2015
Iowa Deputy Recovery$2,0004/15/2015Deputy Melissa Crozier
Dust Covers$8054/15/2015Fisher House
Savoy 1911 Holster : FB$7504/14/
USN: 4/6-13 GCAs Helotone/Acard$1,2254/13/2015
Copper Cutlets-CF Pig (lambert Helps)$3,5004/12/2015Ballico Taiko
Officer Michael J. Johnson(3718)$2,6504/4/2015Officer Johnson Fund
Ella Seizure Therapy Dog$3,9003/29/2015Ella Seizure Therapy Dog
Pig Ranger Eyes: Carrie$8303/28/2015HuckleBerry Woodchuck Fire Relief
Donated GCA : Minh$7503/25/2015HuckleBerry Woodchuck Fire Relief
Donated GCA : Rihani$8003/23/2015Underdog Rescue of Florida
Blue Line Patch: Ralph$2,0003/18/2015MARSOC Foundation
Shot-Tag Sale: Kinder$6953/18/2015National MS Society
Shot Glasses: B.Little$5053/15/2015Arizona Autism United (
Leather Tag Sale: Steel$6503/6/
Hanky Sale$2503/5/2015Ballico Parent - Teachers Association
Ranger eye GCA- Kat Leahy$6403/5/
Ian Geiger Cares GCA$4,0952/26/2015Lilah Buikema: Langerhans cell histiocytosis
Ranger Eyes GCA: DeeBert$7452/25/2015Barton Child Assist
Ranger Eye GCA: Anthony Orosz$3002/21/2015Palmetto Animal Assisted Life Services
More Heart Than Scares$5002/20/2015
Blue Line Patch: Scot Ky$1,3002/19/2015Versailles Police Cops for Kids
Patch GCA$1,0002/15/2015Stampone - Family assist
Cystic Fibrosis Awareness 5k$2502/5/
TeeSpring Hate Shirt$3,0001/30/
Steel Flame HATE -U$3,7001/25/2015Make a Wish CA
Marine Toys for Tots$2,30012/18/2014
Steel Flame Blk Friday$5,55512/15/2014Dogtag Sale
Soup Design Sale$9,47512/15/2014Make A Wish LA Xmas Ornaments
G6 Patch n Pigs Sale$4,00012/14/2014Toys for Tots Atwater CA
Black Fri Suncatchers$60011/28/2014Childrens Intl.
Black Friday Sale: Brazil$1,00011/28/
Black Friday Sale: Brazil$1,10011/28/2014St Jude Hospital
Black Friday Sale$3,00011/28/2014Xmas 4 Cory: Cancer
HateDust Intl: Canada$1,10011/28/
HateDust Intl: UK$71211/28/
HateDust Intl: Asia$1,21311/21/2014UNICEF
(2) Ti Cutlet Sale$1,50011/20/2014Pay It Foward to Payton
(1) Ti Cutlet Sale$32011/17/
Kids Grief Camp :$10,00011/13/2014Navy Seals Foundation
Ti Cutlet Sale$40011/1/2014Ballico Science Camp
Hogs of Hope$21,75510/25/2014Make A Wish Custom Auction
Hogs of Hope$65010/25/2014American Cancer Society Custom Auction
Hogs of Hope Custom Auction$4,87110/25/
Hogs of Hope Custom Auction$11,74010/25/2014CV Honor Flight
Hate Ballistic for Honor Flight$7,14010/4/2014CV Honor Flight
Hog$15010/3/2014More than Just Me Foundation MTJM
HATE- Rifle Dynamics AK Auction$3,00010/2/
Hate Ballistic for Hooligans$1,00010/1/2014Jeyr Relief Fund
Kendrick Knife$1,0009/15/2014Cincinnati Childrens Hospital
Hornest Hate Patch Sale$5509/14/2014The Canine Distemper Fund
Afrankart HATE 2/3$8,0009/3/2014Make A Wish Central Calif.
Pink Pigs 4 Breast Cancer$2,2009/1/2014American Cancer Society
Hate Auction (1) Afrankart$11,5008/1/
Hate Schwag Pack Auction$1,0007/15/2014Tom Mayo Relief Fund
Hops of Hope / Hate$1,0007/1/2014Corpus Dog Rescue
Andrea Goodwill Auction$11,0007/1/
HateDust (4)$7,5007/1/2014Make A Wish Central Calif.
Hate BBQ 4 MAW sold for:$2,7003/1/2014Make A Wish CenCa
HateDust (3) Spring Auction$10,0003/1/2014Make A Wish Central CA - Dinner Raised $112,000
HateDust (2)$1,00012/1/2013Foster Youth Merced CA
HateDust (2)$2,50012/1/2013Toys for Tots Atwater CA
HateDust (2)$1,00011/25/2013Make A Wish Natl.
HateDust (2) & Hate Auction$15,00011/1/2013Spring Auction Dinner - Make A Wish Central CA
HateDust (1) 4 Kendricks nieces G5$11,0009/10/2013Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Total from HATE Poject$1,798,01512/28/2020

Spring 2019