Supported Groups / Events

We've supported everything from Make A Wish to therapy dogs for seizure victims to US WW2-War Veterans going to Washington DC.  Below is a partial list of those things- at times I forget to update but you'll get the idea.  All this for a total over $1,250,000 donated either directly or in donated materials to over 200 different causes in just 5 years!  
(501C3 EIN- 47-1084811)


Project Name / SaleAmount DonatedBenefacteeDate
$1,314,760<-- Total from HATE Poject
SWAG Students w Aspiring Goals$8,000
Mariposa SAR$1,500
Love Inc Mer. Communty Outreach$3,300
TOPS Special Needs Soccer$1,000
Atw L-BBall & Fairfield B&G- GS-Cookies$750
Merced Rotary Club Crab$425
Ronald McDonald House Ball$10,200
Ballico 4H Trip Tip Dinner$250
Special Olympics Polar Challenge$150
Camp Green Meadows Fund$7,500
Atwater High Band Fundraiser$1,900
BB Heart Jen Nicole$50
Ballico PTC Dinner$300
Laguna kids cultural via P@ Pruitt$500 Pueblo of Laguna Community Foundation 1/18/2019
RMHCCV Red Heart Ball$7,500
Kids Art Program RyuKyu$2,200
Merced FFA$1,500
Youth football$450
Women Veterans Xmas Drive$6,173!/donation/checkout12/31/2018
Atwater PAL Toy Program$19,800
Mariposa SAR Xmas Toy Drive$5,000
Tenn. Bloodhound Rescue $300
Vietnam Food Drive w Minh Do$400
CHP Toy Drive $2,500
Sherrif Shop w a Cop $4,000
LIV High School Xmas Wishes$5,000Wills Wishes 12/5/2018
Magdalena Library, Socorro foosbank$1,080Richard RogersFoodbank12/5/2018
ATW High School Xmas Wishes$5,000Atwater Miracles Do Happen12/4/2018
KYCKS - Hate ($5k)$17,300Shop With A Cop12/1/2018
Starfish Give Tues FB Drive T.McCreery$2,000
Laguna kids cultural exchange $2,000
El Capitan Basketball$1,560,ca)/basketball/home.htm11/16/2018
Jr Youth Football$500
Miss Merced County Scholarships$1,000
Atw-McSwain Girls Soccer$100
Cressey School Parents - sidewalk paint$400
Livingston HS Softball $750
Friends of NRA-SFSA$2,000
Veterans Fishing Org$10,000Purple Heart Anglers9/29/2018
School Tree Restoration Fund$7,500
Aspira Net Christmas Fund$5,000
Boys and Girls Club Merced $400
St Judes for Sean WAT$450st judes9/13/2018
Imua Family Services - Pelzner$2,314
Imua Family Services - Pelzner$1,200
Dollars for Dinners RMHC$4,153RMHC Fresno8/19/2018
CO Flood Victims$2,000Braden Family Help7/30/2018
Cancer Research$4,400yourpelotonia.org7/26/2018
Kids Roller Derby Mayhem$250
Purple Heart Anglers FB $251Purple heart anglers7/4/2018
C Blevins Kids Camp$500
Veteran Death Fundraiser$500
4H @ Merced Co. Fair$2,200
Courage to Conquer$5,600Courage to Conquer Cancer6/7/2018
Boulder Crest Retreat Foundation$0
EPU Childrens Hospital - Painting$2,000
Sharpes Officer Scholarship Fund$1,500
Merced Make A Wish$35,250
Merced Boys and Girls Club $7,000Merced Boys and Girls Club4/27/2018
Ronald McDonald House ced
Purple Heart Anglers$2,500
Mariposa Search and Rescue$800
SWAG Student Awards Night$3,000
Purple Heart Anglers$300
Los Banos Youth Football$200,ca)/home.htm3/29/2018
Ballico PTC Annual Field Trip Fund$7,250
Freedom Dogs FB Dundraiser$250
Ballico PTC - Stu Washington DC Trip$2,500
OLM Crab Feed$200
Scout-Explorers Fundraiser - Warnke$3,800
Childrens Hospital OC @ Asylum $2,500
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation: Skye Walker$250
Wakefield A-Shelter Dust Drop$3,000
Warrensburg Fire Department, BULLEX $3,314
BDSRA Caitlyn & Tyler Frazier $250
RMHC Red Heart Ball$5,000
Soecial Olympics$650
BCHS Band Fundraiser $700BCHS Crab Feed2/3/2018
Special Olympics Polar Minn.$100
COunty Food Bank - Corn-Boards$1,200
Merced FFA Dinner Check$2,000
SWAG Follow UP _ van$7,500
USMC TFT Drive$5,000USMC TFT Los Banos12/17/2017
Atwater Kops-Fire 4 Kids - toys$18,000ATW P.A.L.12/17
Richard Rogers Holiday Drive$3,000http://www.socorrostorehouse.org12/10.2017
Sherrifs Toy Drive Merced$15,000
Inner Circle Foster - Amazon$1,000
Firefighter Toy Drive: Lexington KY$10,300
Christmas for Cancer$5,000Courage to Conquer Cancer11/30/2017
Giving Tuesday Purple Heart Anglers$600
Merced CtyFood Bank Bkpk Prgm$4,300
Miracles Do Happen AHS-ASB$5,000
Willies Wishes LHS-ASB$5,000
Brown Bag Senior Lunch$1,000
Students With Aspiring Goals$7,500
El Capitan H/S Basketball $1,400
Ballico School Washington Fundraiser$100
Camp Sunshine Dreams$1,750
Valley Childrens Hospital$500
FFR Good Works Arranged$5,300Veteran Cancer Help via Hostile10/29/2017
Farmer Rob's Day of Giving$10,000Operation: Get People Robot Arms10/22/2017
Farmer Rob's Day of Giving (1k ea)$25,00025 Charities 1k ea10/22/2017
Las Vegas Injured Officers Fund$1,000
Peyton's Brain Support - $1,000Atlanta Ronald McDonald House10/1/2017
New Mexico Child Advocacy Networks$750
Peyton's Brain Support - $1,000http://www.curethekids.org10/1/2017
Relay For Life- Atwater$1,500American Cancer Society9/30/2017
BAMSTL Donation to benefit: $1,000Arive- Veteran Foundation9/15/2017
Hurricane Harvey Deploy$2,065
Camp Green Meadows Science $15,000
Ballico 4h Dinner$2,1009/9/2017
Childrens Meal Program Tn$1,000
LS4 CHildrens Hospital OC$250
LS4 JDRF$1,000
LS4 Marleys Mission$4,800
LS4 Mil Women in Need$15,000foundation for women warriors7/24/2017
LS4 MAW- Merced $20,000
LS4- Ambush Donation$15,000
LS4 - Ronald House$20,000
Mesa Az Guide Dog fundraiser$500
GCA-DeMuth Family$2,200Adult Make-Wish5/21/2017
GCA Todd Cuso$1,000Afrankart Anonymous5/23/2017
CBJ- Fullerton$3,200
REACH Academy - At Risk Youth $2,000
Patch & Pin Sale$3,000mtjm.org5/1/2007
March April Sale - MAW - BBQ donation$27,700
Boys & Girls Club$600
Austism Awareness Drive$2,235Jadens Voice4/18/2017
Sporting Clays Classic $6,000Ronald House4/7/2017
Donation$500Ballico PTC3/18/2017
Peyton's Brain Support - STH8KRub & Glow$1,775Paying it Forward3/13/2017
Ti Pig $ Donation to -->$1,075Fischer House Cal Vet3/2/2017
Officer Down - Slingers $250
Shapeways Nov-Jan Sale RMHCCV$7,214Ronald McDonald House Central Valley2/15/2017
Moby - Brain Cancer GCR$960Sadie Hoffman1/28/2017
Tools for Tots - (toy donations)$36,000Merced PD- S/O - ATW Kops 4 Kids12/1/2016
Jon Graham Benefit - Pig Patch Drop$1,100Veteran Down JG11/30/2016
TeeSpring Shirts- Patch Buy$850Courage to Conquer 11/9/2016
Shaapways Sept-Oct Sale - F Cancer $9,135Ronald McDonald House – Children's Central Valley10/16/2016
School Donation- Sale$300Grace Mennonite School - Elementary School10/15/2016
2 Drunk Celts Sale$900
BAMSTL - Hog Donate-GCR$1,270
BAMSTL - 2 benefit Arbor Health Veterans1000
Medical Expense Fund via Cichester550
Mrs Cole & Perry - Donors Choose2702 Classroom8/7/2016
:Auctions for Anthony General Team2900Walk For Wishes8/1/2016
LS3 Overrage3240AlphaK9.org7/4/2016
LS3 Day 610200Ballico Taiko7/4/2016
LS3 Day 510200Green Meadows Sci Camp7/4/2016
LS3 Day 48900SWAGG7/4/2016
LS3 Day 310,200Ronald McDonald House7/4/2016
LS3 Day 28960Make A Wish CenCal7/4/2016
LS3 Day 19500mil women in need org7/4/2016
Livestock Sale 310,200thehateproject.com7/4/2016
LS3 - Swag Bag
LS3 - Swag Bag 61030
LS3 - Swag Bag 51300
LS3 - Swag Bag 41150Rotaplast.org6/29/2016
LS3 - Swag Bag 31240Make A Wish CenCal6/28/2016
LS3 - Swag Bag 2700mil women in need org6/27/2016
LS3 - Swag Bag 1$1,900AlphaK9.org6/26/2016
USN Forum Payment250
Shapeways Science Sale$4,000Ballico School- Mr B6/20/2016
Great Cycle Challenge Randy$250Pediatric Cancer6/15/2016
Merced Fair$700Ballico Cressey FFA6/10/2016
BLADE: Admin Auction$6,000Courage tonquer/ Parsley Foundation6/5/2016
HateDust Drop - Hong$400Ethan Parsley Blanket Program5/21/2016
HateDust Drop Asia (JM)$1,500Cory Mack Cancer5/21/2016
HateDust Drop Leety$1,000
Jacobs Heart Donation$200
Castle AFB Age Team$500
Massdrop Zippo$8,550Make A Wish CenCal5/16/2016
Shapeways Feb/Spring Fling$12,700Make A Wish CenCal4/23/2016
Boys and Girls Club Merced$500
Shapeways Sale 2 4 AK9$16,229AlphaK9.org4/15/2016
Target Pig Sale$200
Target Pig Sale$1,800
USO 4 the Troops$2,300BAMSTL 4 USO3/22/2016
Ballico PTC$500
Fire Pig Sale $750AlphaK9.org12/21/2015
Help Tim and Jennifer Donegan$1,201Help Tim and Jennifer Donegan12/11 - 12/13
ptk - NEWMAN gcr$4,16512/4 - 12/6
TOOLS FOR TOTS AND MASSDROP $15,000Kops for Kids12/5/2015
D Whitman Game Marathon for SCH$300Seattle Children Hospital11/8/2015
MSG Wilson II/ Amy Norwood (5) auctions$7,956Officer PTSD11/2 - 11/3
Heart Attack Victim$2,150C.Craft's Dad10/7 - 10/9
Bringhurst Family assist$1,24210/5 - 10/7
Tammy Roberts$10,945Courage to Conquer Cancer10/2 - 10/4
$2,2409/25 - 9/27
Brad Whitley$1,060Brad Whitley9/21 - 9/23
Courage to Conquer Cancer & Unravel Pediatric Cancer$1,600Courage to Conquer Cancer9/20/2016
Brantly - Leukemia Treatments$1,930Brantly9/20/15
David Cancer fund$2,670David 6 yr old Luekemia 9/20/2015
G715,500MAW, AK9, Camp Sunshine 9/5/2015
Jusa Medical Fund$4,420Jusa Medical Fund8/30/2015
Happy Caps & Pinata$1,686Happy Caps & Pinata8/26/2015
Crusader Pig sale$5,035Merced County Ed.Foundation8/22/2015
Officer Sean Bolton$1,780Sean Bolton8/19/2015
1st Special Forces Group$5,500SF Daughter - Avery8/16/2015
Steve Shinde$3,060Steve Shinde8/9/2015
Alzheimer's Tennessee$2,055Alzheimer's Tennessee8/2/2015
OOMF Drop$1,190Paying it Forward to Peyton7/26/2015
Help David with moving expense$2,540David Witts7/26/2015
OOMF Drop$350Alphak9.org7/23/2015
OOMF Drop$800Contra Costa / Solano food bank7/22/2015
Cypop Raffle$7,500Courage to Conquer Cancer7/19/2015
Live Stock Sale$3,550Paying it Forward to Peyton7/19/2015
Live Stock Sale$12,400MTJM.org7/19/2015
Live Stock Sale$18,000Zippo- Massdrop 4 Ak97/19/2015
Live Stock Sale$300Life Works Austin TX7/19/2015
Live Stock Sale$11,651St Joeseph Mission School7/18/2015
Live Stock Sale$12,100Peak Foundations7/17/2015
Live Stock Sale$4,100Anthem LemonAid7/17/2015
Live Stock Sale$8,401Alphak9.org7/16/2015
Live Stock Sale$19,090Surrounded By Heroes7/15/2015
Live Stock Sale$19,668Make A Wish Central Calif.7/13/2015
Daron Flowers on EDC Raffle and GAW$920rdflowers80@hotmail.com7/4/2015
Kickstarter to help paralyzed veterans.$454Harmony Kickstarter6/24/2015
Adrian Balwin$9,8636/21/2015
Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics Auction$600LEO Torch Run Special Olympics6/17/2015
Good Cause Vets$500Operation Lone Star6/14/2015
Good Cause Vets$500Warrior Weekend6/14/2015
Hello My Name is Hate$2,675Alphak9.org6/12/2015
Thin Red Line$575San Jose Firefighters Burn Foundation6/7/2015
Kick Cancer Ass!$4,450Noble Circle &
HATE Project @ Blade$8,300Alphak9.org6/7/2015
Ethan Parsley$3,923#ethanstrong6/6/2015
Little Odin$1,800Little Odin5/27/2015
Spain Child help$2,200
Jason Alamo$4,154Ryan Collum PayPal5/20/2015
HATE Family Mortuary Fund$6,880Cesar Gamino PayPal5/20/2015
GCA for alphaK9$2,351Alphak9.org5/19/2015
FFR/Reader Pig Sale $300Ethan Strong5/11/2015
FFR/Reader Pig Sale TX Jr Achieve $2,000 & Brown University Oncology Research5/11/2015
American Heart Association$195American Heart Association5/10/2015
Autism Council of Utah$170Autism Council of Utah5/7/2015
Patch Drop$620Officer Needs Help5/6/2015
Ram Maramba Fundraiser6825Ram's Obituary5/10/2015
Lone Survivor$4,000
Floors for Jennifer$2,010Teacher w Cancer help5/1/2015
Zippo Lighter for AlphaK9$450Alphak9.org4/28/2015
TI Cutlet Cut Out -Ben Pullliam$1,010Ben Pulliam Fund4/26/2015
Sophie Silver Pig Sale - FFR$7,500The Cure Starts Now - DIPG4/26/2015
TI Cutlet Cut Out - Ben Pulliam$1,250Ben Pulliam Fund4/26/2015
Sophie GCR &GCA$12,101The Cure Starts Now - DIPG4/26/2015
Ben Pulliam$4,670Ben Pulliam Fund4/24/2015
Pennies$315Autism Council of Utah4/23/2015
Maggie Williams$6,590Williams Family Benefit4/23/2015
Hogs of Hope / Frankart Knuck Sale$8,500Central Valley Make A Wish4/20/2015
Sara (Acute Lynphomia Leukemia)$570Sara-Cliff James Hate United4/18/2015
Sophie Peaster: Kassinger Valet Tray$550The Cure Starts Now - DIPG4/16/2015
IRS and the 501c3$15,500
Iowa Deputy Recovery$2,000Deputy Melissa Crozier4/15/2015
Dust Covers$805Fisher House4/15/2015
Savoy 1911 Holster : FB$750Alphak9.org4/14/2015
USN: 4/6-13 GCAs Helotone/Acard$1,225
Copper Cutlets-CF Pig (lambert Helps)$3,500Ballico Taiko4/12/2015
Officer Michael J. Johnson(3718)$2,650Officer Johnson Fund4/4/2015
Ella Seizure Therapy Dog$3,900Ella Seizure Therapy Dog3/29/2015
Pig Ranger Eyes: Carrie$830HuckleBerry Woodchuck Fire Relief3/28/2015
Donated GCA : Minh$750HuckleBerry Woodchuck Fire Relief3/25/2015
Donated GCA : Rihani$800Underdog Rescue of Florida3/23/2015
Blue Line Patch: Ralph$2,000MARSOC Foundation3/18/2015
Shot-Tag Sale: Kinder$695National MS Society3/18/2015
Shot Glasses: B.Little$505Arizona Autism United (
Leather Tag Sale: Steel$650MTJM.org3/6/2015
Hanky Sale$250Ballico Parent - Teachers Association3/5/2015
Ranger eye GCA- Kat Leahy$640Underdogadopt.com3/5/15
Ian Geiger Cares GCA$4,095Lilah Buikema: Langerhans cell histiocytosis2/26/2015
Ranger Eyes GCA: DeeBert$745Barton Child Assist2/25/2015
Ranger Eye GCA: Anthony Orosz$300Palmetto Animal Assisted Life Services2/21/2015
More Heart Than Scares$5002/20/2015
Blue Line Patch: Scot Ky$1,300Versailles Police Cops for Kids2/19/2015
Patch GCA$1,000Stampone - Family assist2/15/2015
Cystic Fibrosis Awareness 5k$250MTJM.org2/5/2015
TeeSpring Hate Shirt$3,000Alphak9.org1/30/2015
Steel Flame HATE -U$3,700Make a Wish CA1/25/2015
Marine Toys for Tots$2,300
Steel Flame Blk Friday$5,555Dogtag Sale Alphak9.org12/15/2014
Soup Design Sale$9,475Make A Wish LA Xmas Ornaments12/15/2014
G6 Patch n Pigs Sale$4,000Toys for Tots Atwater CA12/14/2014
Black Fri Suncatchers$600Childrens Intl.11/28/2014
Black Friday Sale: Brazil$1,000Alphak9.org11/28/2014
Black Friday Sale: Brazil$1,100St Jude Hospital11/28/2014
Black Friday Sale$3,000Xmas 4 Cory: Cancer11/28/2014
HateDust Intl: Canada$1,100canadahelps.org11/28/2014
HateDust Intl: UK$712Alphak9.org11/28/2014
HateDust Intl: Asia$1,213UNICEF11/21/2014
(2) Ti Cutlet Sale$1,500Pay It Foward to Payton11/20/2014
(1) Ti Cutlet Sale$320bootcampaign.com11/17/2014
Kids Grief Camp :$10,000Navy Seals Foundation11/13/2014
Ti Cutlet Sale$400Ballico Science Camp11/1/2014
Hogs of Hope$21,755Make A Wish Custom Auction10/25/2014
Hogs of Hope$650American Cancer Society Custom Auction10/25/2014
Hogs of Hope Custom Auction$4,871Alphak9.org10/25/2014
Hogs of Hope Custom Auction$11,740CV Honor Flight10/25/2014
Hate Ballistic for Honor Flight$7,140CV Honor Flight10/4/2014
Hog$150More than Just Me Foundation MTJM10/3/2014
HATE- Rifle Dynamics AK Auction$3,000Alphak9.org10/2/2014
Hate Ballistic for Hooligans$1,000Jeyr Relief Fund10/1/2014
Kendrick Knife$1,000Cincinnati Childrens Hospital9/15/2014
Hornest Hate Patch Sale$550The Canine Distemper Fund9/14/2014
Afrankart HATE 2/3$8,000Make A Wish Central Calif.9/3/2014
Pink Pigs 4 Breast Cancer$2,200American Cancer Society9/1/2014
Hate Auction (1) Afrankart$11,500Alphak9.org8/1/2014
Hate Schwag Pack Auction$1,000Tom Mayo Relief Fund7/15/2014
Hops of Hope / Hate$1,000Corpus Dog Rescue7/1/2014
Andrea Goodwill Auction$11,000Alphak9.org7/1/2014
HateDust (4)$7,500Make A Wish Central Calif.7/1/2014
Hate BBQ 4 MAW sold for:$2,700Make A Wish CenCa3/1/2014
HateDust (3) Spring Auction$10,000Make A Wish Central CA - Dinner Raised $112,0003/1/2014
HateDust (2)$1,000Foster Youth Merced CA12/1/2013
HateDust (2)$2,500Toys for Tots Atwater CA12/1/2013
HateDust (2)$1,000Make A Wish Natl.11/25/2013
HateDust (2) & Hate Auction$15,000Spring Auction Dinner - Make A Wish Central CA11/1/2013
HateDust (1) 4 Kendricks nieces G5$11,000Cystic Fibrosis Foundation9/10/2013
Total from HATE Poject$1,314,760


Day of Giving Winners 12/2017:

 Love Inc
 Surfers Healing
Fisher House 
 Autism Speaks
Sewing For Babies AZ
Camp Good Grief
Camp Circle of Friends
Lukes Wings
Riley Children’s Hospital
4 Wheel To Heal
Starkey Hearing Foundation
Together We Rise Heart 911
Stag Vets Inc
West Care Foundation Dragon Master Foundation Walk MS Kentucky (National MS Society)
Service Dog Project Desi Strong Foundation
SWIRC (South Western Indiana Regional Council on Aging)
Law Enforcement Torch Run OK For Special Olympics
 Bakersfield Firefighters Burn Fund
Project Hawaii Inc Veterans Expeditions Sunshine Kids
Operation: Get People Robot Arms -$10k