Supported Groups / Events

We've supported everything from Make A Wish to therapy dogs for seizure victims to US WW2-War Veterans going to Washington DC.  Below is a partial list of those things- at times I forget to update but you'll get the idea.  All this for a total over $900,000 donated either directly through donation or in donated materials to over 200 different organizations!

Project Name / SaleBenefacteeDateAmount Donated
Total from HATE Poject$913,415
Peyton's Brain Support - Atlanta Ronald McDonald House10/1/2017$1,000
New Mexico Child Advocacy Networks$750
Peyton's Brain Support - http://www.curethekids.org10/1/2017$1,000
Relay For Life- AtwaterAmerican Cancer Society9/30/2017$1,500
BAMSTL Donation to benefit: Arive- Veteran Foundation9/15/2017$1,000
Hurricane Harvey Deploy$2,065
Camp Green Meadows Science$15,000
Ballico 4h Dinner9/9/2017$2,100
Childrens Meal Program Tn$1,000
LS4 CHildrens Hospital OC$250
LS4 JDRF$1,000
LS4 Marleys Mission$4,800
LS4 Mil Women in Needfoundation for women warriors7/24/2017$15,000
LS4 MAW- Merced$20,000
LS4- Ambush Donation$15,000
LS4 - Ronald House$20,000
Mesa Az Guide Dog fundraiser$500
GCA-DeMuth FamilyAdult Make-Wish5/21/2017$2,200
GCA Todd CusoAfrankart Anonymous5/23/2017$1,000
CBJ- Fullerton$3,200
REACH Academy - At Risk Youth$2,000
Patch & Pin Salemtjm.org5/1/2007$3,000
March April Sale - MAW - BBQ donation$27,700
Boys & Girls Club$600
Austism Awareness DriveJadens Voice4/18/2017$2,235
Sporting Clays Classic Ronald House4/7/2017$6,000
DonationBallico PTC3/18/2017$500
Peyton's Brain Support - STH8KRub & GlowPaying it Forward3/13/2017$1,775
Ti Pig $ Donation to -->Fischer House Cal Vet3/2/2017$1,075
Officer Down - Slingers$250
Shapeways Nov-Jan Sale RMHCCVRonald McDonald House Central Valley2/15/2017$7,214
Moby - Brain Cancer GCRSadie Hoffman1/28/2017$960
Tools for Tots - (toy donations)Merced PD- S/O - ATW Kops 4 Kids12/1/2016$36,000
Jon Graham Benefit - Pig Patch DropVeteran Down JG11/30/2016$1,100
TeeSpring Shirts- Patch BuyCourage to Conquer 11/9/2016$850
Shaapways Sept-Oct Sale - F Cancer Ronald McDonald House – Children's Central Valley10/16/2016$9,135
School Donation- SaleGrace Mennonite School - Elementary School10/15/2016$300
2 Drunk Celts Sale$900
BAMSTL - Hog Donate-GCR$1,270
BAMSTL - 2 benefit Arbor Health Veterans
Medical Expense Fund via Cichester
Mrs Cole & Perry - Donors Choose2 Classroom8/7/2016270
:Auctions for Anthony General TeamWalk For Wishes8/1/20162900
LS3 OverrageAlphaK9.org7/4/20163240
LS3 Day 6Ballico Taiko7/4/201610200
LS3 Day 5Green Meadows Sci Camp7/4/201610200
LS3 Day 4SWAGG7/4/20168900
LS3 Day 3Ronald McDonald House7/4/201610,200
LS3 Day 2Make A Wish CenCal7/4/20168960
LS3 Day 1mil women in need org7/4/20169500
Livestock Sale 3thehateproject.com7/4/201610,200
LS3 - Swag Bag
LS3 - Swag Bag 6
LS3 - Swag Bag 5
LS3 - Swag Bag 4Rotaplast.org6/29/20161150
LS3 - Swag Bag 3Make A Wish CenCal6/28/20161240
LS3 - Swag Bag 2mil women in need org6/27/2016700
LS3 - Swag Bag 1AlphaK9.org6/26/2016$1,900
USN Forum Payment
Shapeways Science SaleBallico School- Mr B6/20/2016$4,000
Great Cycle Challenge RandyPediatric Cancer6/15/2016$250
Merced FairBallico Cressey FFA6/10/2016$700
BLADE: Admin AuctionCourage tonquer/ Parsley Foundation6/5/2016$6,000
HateDust Drop - HongEthan Parsley Blanket Program5/21/2016$400
HateDust Drop Asia (JM)Cory Mack Cancer5/21/2016$1,500
HateDust Drop Leety$1,000
Jacobs Heart Donation$200
Castle AFB Age Team$500
Massdrop ZippoMake A Wish CenCal5/16/2016$8,550
Shapeways Feb/Spring FlingMake A Wish CenCal4/23/2016$12,700
Boys and Girls Club Merced$500
Shapeways Sale 2 4 AK9AlphaK9.org4/15/2016$16,229
Target Pig Sale$200
Target Pig Sale$1,800
USO 4 the TroopsBAMSTL 4 USO3/22/2016$2,300
Ballico PTC$500
Fire Pig Sale AlphaK9.org12/21/2015$750
Help Tim and Jennifer DoneganHelp Tim and Jennifer Donegan12/11 - 12/13$1,201
12/4 - 12/6$4,165
TOOLS FOR TOTS AND MASSDROP Kops for Kids12/5/2015$15,000
D Whitman Game Marathon for SCHSeattle Children Hospital11/8/2015$300
MSG Wilson II/ Amy Norwood (5) auctionsOfficer PTSD11/2 - 11/3$7,956
Heart Attack VictimC.Craft's Dad10/7 - 10/9$2,150
Bringhurst Family assist10/5 - 10/7$1,242
Tammy RobertsCourage to Conquer Cancer10/2 - 10/4$10,945
9/25 - 9/27$2,240
Brad WhitleyBrad Whitley9/21 - 9/23$1,060
Courage to Conquer Cancer & Unravel Pediatric CancerCourage to Conquer Cancer9/20/2016$1,600
Brantly - Leukemia TreatmentsBrantly9/11 - 9/13$1,930
David Cancer fundDavid 6 yr old Luekemia 9/20/2015$2,670
G7MAW, AK9, Camp Sunshine and others9/5/201515,500
Jusa Medical FundJusa Medical Fund8/30/2015$4,420
Happy Caps & PinataHappy Caps & Pinata8/26/2015$1,686
Crusader Pig saleMerced County Ed.Foundation8/22/2015$5,035
Officer Sean BoltonSean Bolton8/19/2015$1,780
1st Special Forces GroupSF Daughter - Avery8/16/2015$5,500
Steve ShindeSteve Shinde8/9/2015$3,060
Alzheimer's TennesseeAlzheimer's Tennessee8/2/2015$2,055
OOMF DropPaying it Forward to Peyton7/26/2015$1,190
Help David with moving expenseDavid Witts7/26/2015$2,540
OOMF DropAlphak9.org7/23/2015$350
OOMF DropContra Costa / Solano food bank7/22/2015$800
Cypop RaffleCourage to Conquer Cancer7/19/2015$7,500
Live Stock SalePaying it Forward to Peyton7/19/2015$3,550
Live Stock SaleMTJM.org7/19/2015$12,400
Live Stock SaleZippo- Massdrop 4 Ak97/19/2015$18,000
Live Stock SaleLife Works Austin TX7/19/2015$300
Live Stock SaleSt Joeseph Mission School7/18/2015$11,651
Live Stock SalePeak Foundations7/17/2015$12,100
Live Stock SaleAnthem LemonAid7/17/2015$4,100
Live Stock SaleAlphak9.org7/16/2015$8,401
Live Stock SaleSurrounded By Heroes7/15/2015$19,090
Live Stock SaleMake A Wish Central Calif.7/13/2015$19,668
Daron Flowers on EDC Raffle and GAWrdflowers80@hotmail.com7/4/2015$920
Kickstarter to help paralyzed veterans.Harmony Kickstarter6/24/2015$454
Adrian Balwin6/21/2015$9,863
Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics AuctionLEO Torch Run Special Olympics6/17/2015$600
Good Cause VetsOperation Lone Star6/14/2015$500
Good Cause VetsWarrior Weekend6/14/2015$500
Hello My Name is HateAlphak9.org6/12/2015$2,675
Thin Red LineSan Jose Firefighters Burn Foundation6/7/2015$575
Kick Cancer Ass!Noble Circle &
HATE Project @ BladeAlphak9.org6/7/2015$8,300
Ethan Parsley#ethanstrong6/6/2015$3,923
Little OdinLittle Odin5/27/2015$1,800
Spain Child help$2,200
Jason AlamoRyan Collum PayPal5/20/2015$4,154
HATE Family Mortuary FundCesar Gamino PayPal5/20/2015$6,880
GCA for alphaK9Alphak9.org5/19/2015$2,351
FFR/Reader Pig Sale Ethan Strong5/11/2015$300
FFR/Reader Pig Sale TX Jr Achieve & Brown University Oncology Research5/11/2015$2,000
American Heart AssociationAmerican Heart Association5/10/2015$195
Autism Council of UtahAutism Council of Utah5/7/2015$170
Patch DropOfficer Needs Help5/6/2015$620
Ram Maramba FundraiserRam's Obituary5/10/20156825
Lone Survivor$4,000
Floors for JenniferTeacher w Cancer help5/1/2015$2,010
Zippo Lighter for AlphaK9Alphak9.org4/28/2015$450
TI Cutlet Cut Out -Ben PullliamBen Pulliam Fund4/26/2015$1,010
Sophie Silver Pig Sale - FFRThe Cure Starts Now - DIPG4/26/2015$7,500
TI Cutlet Cut Out - Ben PulliamBen Pulliam Fund4/26/2015$1,250
Sophie GCR &GCAThe Cure Starts Now - DIPG4/26/2015$12,101
Ben PulliamBen Pulliam Fund4/24/2015$4,670
PenniesAutism Council of Utah4/23/2015$315
Maggie WilliamsWilliams Family Benefit4/23/2015$6,590
Hogs of Hope / Frankart Knuck SaleCentral Valley Make A Wish4/20/2015$8,500
Sara (Acute Lynphomia Leukemia)Sara-Cliff James Hate United4/18/2015$570
Sophie Peaster: Kassinger Valet TrayThe Cure Starts Now - DIPG4/16/2015$550
IRS and the 501c3$15,500
Iowa Deputy RecoveryDeputy Melissa Crozier4/15/2015$2,000
Dust CoversFisher House4/15/2015$805
Savoy 1911 Holster : FBAlphak9.org4/14/2015$750
USN: 4/6-13 GCAs Helotone/Acard$1,225
Copper Cutlets-CF Pig (lambert Helps)Ballico Taiko4/12/2015$3,500
Officer Michael J. Johnson(3718)Officer Johnson Fund4/4/2015$2,650
Ella Seizure Therapy DogElla Seizure Therapy Dog3/29/2015$3,900
Pig Ranger Eyes: CarrieHuckleBerry Woodchuck Fire Relief3/28/2015$830
Donated GCA : MinhHuckleBerry Woodchuck Fire Relief3/25/2015$750
Donated GCA : RihaniUnderdog Rescue of Florida3/23/2015$800
Blue Line Patch: RalphMARSOC Foundation3/18/2015$2,000
Shot-Tag Sale: KinderNational MS Society3/18/2015$695
Shot Glasses: B.LittleArizona Autism United ($505
Leather Tag Sale: SteelMTJM.org3/6/2015$650
Hanky SaleBallico Parent - Teachers Association3/5/2015$250
Ranger eye GCA- Kat LeahyUnderdogadopt.com3/4/2015$640
Ian Geiger Cares GCALilah Buikema: Langerhans cell histiocytosis2/26/2015$4,095
Ranger Eyes GCA: DeeBertBarton Child Assist2/25/2015$745
Ranger Eye GCA: Anthony OroszPalmetto Animal Assisted Life Services2/21/2015$300
More Heart Than Scares2/20/2015$500
Blue Line Patch: Scot KyVersailles Police Cops for Kids2/19/2015$1,300
Patch GCAStampone - Family assist2/15/2015$1,000
Cystic Fibrosis Awareness 5kMTJM.org2/5/2015$250
TeeSpring Hate ShirtAlphak9.org1/30/2015$3,000
Steel Flame HATE -UMake a Wish CA1/25/2015$3,700
Marine Toys for Tots$2,300
Steel Flame Blk FridayDogtag Sale Alphak9.org12/15/2014$5,555
Soup Design SaleMake A Wish LA Xmas Ornaments12/15/2014$9,475
G6 Patch n Pigs SaleToys for Tots Atwater CA12/14/2014$4,000
Black Fri SuncatchersChildrens Intl.11/28/2014$600
Black Friday Sale: BrazilAlphak9.org11/28/2014$1,000
Black Friday Sale: BrazilSt Jude Hospital11/28/2014$1,100
Black Friday SaleXmas 4 Cory: Cancer11/28/2014$3,000
HateDust Intl: Canadacanadahelps.org11/28/2014$1,100
HateDust Intl: UKAlphak9.org11/28/2014$712
HateDust Intl: AsiaUNICEF11/21/2014$1,213
(2) Ti Cutlet SalePay It Foward to Payton11/20/2014$1,500
(1) Ti Cutlet Salebootcampaign.com11/17/2014$320
Kids Grief Camp :Navy Seals Foundation11/13/2014$10,000
Ti Cutlet SaleBallico Science Camp11/1/2014$400
Hogs of HopeMake A Wish Custom Auction10/25/2014$21,755
Hogs of HopeAmerican Cancer Society Custom Auction10/25/2014$650
Hogs of Hope Custom AuctionAlphak9.org10/25/2014$4,871
Hogs of Hope Custom AuctionCV Honor Flight10/25/2014$11,740
Hate Ballistic for Honor FlightCV Honor Flight10/4/2014$7,140
HogMore than Just Me Foundation MTJM10/3/2014$150
HATE- Rifle Dynamics AK AuctionAlphak9.org10/2/2014$3,000
Hate Ballistic for HooligansJeyr Relief Fund10/1/2014$1,000
Kendrick KnifeCincinnati Childrens Hospital9/15/2014$1,000
Hornest Hate Patch SaleThe Canine Distemper Fund9/14/2014$550
Afrankart HATE 2/3Make A Wish Central Calif.9/3/2014$8,000
Pink Pigs 4 Breast CancerAmerican Cancer Society9/1/2014$2,200
Hate Auction (1) AfrankartAlphak9.org8/1/2014$11,500
Hate Schwag Pack AuctionTom Mayo Relief Fund7/15/2014$1,000
Hops of Hope / HateCorpus Dog Rescue7/1/2014$1,000
Andrea Goodwill AuctionAlphak9.org7/1/2014$11,000
HateDust (4)Make A Wish Central Calif.7/1/2014$7,500
Hate BBQ 4 MAW sold for:Make A Wish CenCa3/1/2014$2,700
HateDust (3) Spring AuctionMake A Wish Central CA - Dinner Raised $112,0003/1/2014$10,000
HateDust (2)Foster Youth Merced CA12/1/2013$1,000
HateDust (2)Toys for Tots Atwater CA12/1/2013$2,500
HateDust (2)Make A Wish Natl.11/25/2013$1,000
HateDust (2) & Hate AuctionSpring Auction Dinner - Make A Wish Central CA11/1/2013$15,000
HateDust (1) 4 Kendricks nieces G5Cystic Fibrosis Foundation9/10/2013$11,000