HateDust : What is it ?


A collection of EXTREMELY hot chilis grown by my friends that we dehydrate and grind into a soul torturing spice that you put on food. In the past we have used: Carolina Reapers, Trinidad Scorpions, Bhot Jolokia (aka Ghost Peppers), 7 Pod, Fatalii's, Thai, Tabasco, Smoked Habanero, etc. Anything we can get our hands on goes in. No two batches are the same, but I strive to get em similar.

After some trial and error (ie;way too hot) I think I've got it down.

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We only do a few runs a year-

It is not available in any other venue

V1 2:1 seasoning to peppers V2 1:2 seasoning to peppers V3: Smoked Haberno V4 Garlics Revenge

V5 The Mother Batch V6 Ghost Base V7 Return Of Garlic & Ghost V8 Jalapeno's Revenge

V9000 uncut V10 Cajun V11 Cajun V2 Hawaii V12 The Mad Greek V13 Meat Market Tomatoes

About the salt; a nice addition to the Hate Dust. The salt comes from the salt pans in Hanapepe on the island of Kauai. It is one of only 2 places in Hawaii where salt is made by progressively drying sea water. The salt is made by the Hui Hana Pa'akai, 12 families that are descendants of salt makers from Kauai's past. Only those 12 families can make the salt, and the salt made can never be sold, it must be given away or shared. This salt is called "alaea" because of the red dirt from Kauai that tints it reddish hue. I have been blessed by members of the Hui who have given this salt to me for the purpose of including it in the Hate Dust. A special salt for a special project.

I DO NOT do this for a living, we are not a spice company or a food mfg,

this is merely a novelty item we came up with for buying into our project.


HATE Is what yer gonna do if you use too much, so be careful.

If you like it HOT, this is for you!!