Hogs of Hope / Annual Auction

The latest craze in the custom knifemaking & EDC (every day carry) world is custom made pocket multi tools. I set out to create a new tool that I could share with you that worked with our theme. With help from buddy artist Kevin King, we came up with a design that works awesome, feels great in the hand, and is pretty darn cute. Yes, I said cute.

Hogs of Hope

I am blessed to know many of the industries leading designers and fabricators. See below where once again, we were blessed with their many talents. - Rob

It was through early donations and subsequent sale that the idea of an annual auction was born. The auction took place on USN: The Usual Suspect Network and The Hate Project Facebook Page in late October 2014 .We did it again in 2015, again in July of 2016 & 17, 18, 19. To purchase a non custom pig- please see our shapeways store


Purchase? Sales usually occur at shows or via our Facebook Page

The Annual Auction returns June 2021

Last year we had TREMENDOUS support and donations at a really

grass roots level. I have no delusions that I could have done this

without any of you/them and your generous support.