Tools for Tots Sale : #feedcommunity

2021 WE DID IT AGAIN! ($20K)

This year has been slow

but were able to help the Merced County Food Bank

feed 333 Seniors FOR A YEAR off our fall donation ($20k)

and another 6000 meals via Ozark Food Bank & Merced



Fed 333 Seniors FOR A YEAR off our fall donation ($20k)

__________________________________________________________________________ Sales from Tools for Tots 2019 -

2019: This year we decided to focus on feeding our local community with

help from the Merced County Food Bank :

We were able to feed 300 Seniors (Brown Bag Program) & 200 kids via the Kids Backpack Program ($52k) FOR A YEAR!!!. We also are supporting 4 Christmas toy programs, 2 Veteran programs, as well as a library and another food bank program (another 13,250 meals purchased via Socorro Storehouse 12/2/2019!) to round out the holiday season for aprox an additional $32k. -Rob

2018 We were able to raise nearly $75,000

for 7 Christmas Programs and community

help during the holiday season, stretching

from California to Kentucky.

Pictured - Atwater Kops & Fire for Kids $20,000 shop @ community partner Target.

#TFT 2017

raised $70,000 for 2 toys for tots programs, 2 high school wish programs, a backpack program for Merced County, Make A Wish & Ronald McDonald House-Fresno

You are AWESOME!

Thank you SO MUCH for all the support!

#toolsfortots will return Nov 2018

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